Five Foods that Harm Your Brain

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The fast-paced life we are having now requires us to be quick, assertive and intelligent all at the same time in order to cope. Employees deliver a lot of services, a lot of task in an eight-hour work.

Students need to be up for the utmost twelve hours to cope with the lessons they have in school. Mothers need to be very attentive to what the family needs for the whole day I believe. Due to these things, we need to keep up quick and it affects our diet.

With the type of living most of us have, we tend to rely on quick serving foods as well, never putting in mind how it would affect us and our health in general. Most of the quick serving foods are the most convenient and most among the most delicious foods we'd ever tasted. However, we may not feel it now but as we age we might encounter the difference and feel it's effect towards our health, mainly with our cognitive and intellectual functions. The foods that we take will greatly affect our nervous system one way or another. Through thorough research, this article will dish out foods that are bad or even worse for our brains.

First, on our list are beef and butter. These are foods containing high saturated fat Studies would show its relevant effect on cognition, memory, and intelligence. A clinical study on rats showed that rats fed with high-fat diets demonstrate cognitive impairment although the mechanism would be dependent on the bulk of the brain membrane composition changes. Another clinical study presented would reveal that a diet high in saturated fats has a great association with cognitive decline among older persons. The high intake of saturated fats had not only affected in a way the cognitive functions but is a known precursor of abnormalities in brain functions such as Dementia. One study in 2008 revealed the association and risk of dementia in participants who have a higher intake of saturated fats rather than those who had fish consumption.

Secondly, fried foods and popcorn. High trans fat diet increases the risk of hardening of the blood vessels which will prompt a sluggish flow of blood that can alter metabolism and decrease system activity. In order to keep our neurologic system healthy, we might as well prevent from excessive consumption of these foods.

The next food that we will dish out is greatly associated not only with cognition but with Obesity and Diabetes as well. According to one study in the US about diet transition to high-fructose sugar revealed a greater association not only with cardiovascular diseases but also with the possible promotion of the development of Dementia. Lakhan and Kirchgessner also concluded the emergence of the association of high-fructose intake related obesity with cognitive decline and that intake of added sugars mediate in cognitive decline. These studies would support a strong correlation of high-fructose diet to a decreased or limitation in cognition.

Another brain aging foods are those that are high in salt foods. To make our foods more palatable we tend to add more salt recommended per daily serving forgetting it's effect not only with cardiovascular diseases but as well with the neurologic status. A recent study shows that too much salt can decrease the level of cognition.

Lastly, we have processed foods. These foods contain artificial food additives to maintain palatability and freshness for over a long period of time. It has been known through a study that these additives are associated with the decline in cognitive function and greatly affects behavior, especially in children. The additives particularly benzoate had been associated with hyperactivity in a clinical study done in the year 2007 in Lancet.

Whether we are living in a fast-paced setting or in a traditional slow-moving countryside we must not forget to give importance and attention to what we eat for it will greatly affect our body in mind. Results of negligence in our dining tables may not be presented today but surely it will affect us and our generation's offspring in the future.


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