8 Benefits of Brisk Walking

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Most of us have heard of the numerous benefits associated with regular exercise or at least a walk in the park to get the body moving.

What is brisk walking?

Brisk walking is different from ordinary walking and can be defined as walking in a pace of more than three miles per hour.

In other words, if you are practicing the activity of brisk walking you would be able to cover a mile in 20 minutes.
It is a moderate-intensity workout accompanied by a wide array of benefits, both from a fitness perspective and a health perspective.


Why is brisk walking better?

There is a lot of evidence suggesting that brisk walking may, in fact, be preferable over standard walking when it comes to the provided benefits.

It is perceived as one of the quickest, easiest, and cheapest ways to keep a healthy mind, a strong body, and young soul.
Brisk walking can be done anywhere, as long as you are ready to take on the challenge.


Here are some of the main benefits that brisk walking provides:


1. Brisk walking helps you lose weight faster.
Did you know that if you brisk walk for 30 minutes you could lose up to 200 calories?
This fact can certainly change your mind when it comes to taking a casual walk in the park to lose some weight.  
The method is extremely powerful when combined with a healthy diet and is the perfect way to keep a summer body all year long.

2. Brisk walkers tend to have a stronger immune system.
Your body has incredible functions and can be all that you need when it comes to prevention and tackling sickness as long as it is well taken care of.
Regular walking helps the body generate T cells, which are the cells that fight with the infected cells in the body.
Infected cells are disastrous for the immune system as they damage and limit the regular functions essential for healthy living.
By creating more T cells, brisk walking supports the body in the fight with harmful cells.

3. You can reduce back pain with brisk walking.
Back pain is among the most commonly seen discomforts and can actually turn into a pretty serious condition if not taken care of or treated.

It can be caused by irregular exercise, a wrong sitting posture, or even a poor choice of a sleeping mattress.
Brisk walking with pain back may be extremely difficult at first but the advice is to start slow and gradually increase the speed as the back adapts to the movement.

4. It may be the solution to problems with circulation.
Walking at a faster speed can lead to a strengthened heart and a stronger circulatory system.

In fact, brisk walking for a few miles daily can help with the reduction of blood pressure by more than 11 points for the time period of six months, which is a pretty impressive result.

5. It reduces stress and anxiety.
Brisk walking is an ideal choice for someone looking to let some steam off while exercising.
If you have gathered stress or negativity towards a situation or a person, what better way to let it all go than by brisk walking?
The science behind the activity explains this through the release of endorphins and other chemicals, which result in an emotional boost.

6. Your body is less exposed to chronic disease if you brisk walk.
In general, forming the habit of brisk walking on a regular basis can help you prevent a chronic disease becoming an issue for your body.
It can actually be a preventative method for a number of conditions, including heart stroke or heart disease.
If we jumped to numbers, we can say that if you brisk walk for 15 minutes after a meal you can decrease your blood sugar level for more than 24 hours.

7. Brisk walking is great for your joints.

Another benefit of brisk walking is it's supportive effect on the joints.
The joint cartilage lacks direct blood supply and its only source for nutrition is the joint fluid that circulates in the body while we move.

Irregular walking, in other words, leads to the joints not receiving enough life giving fluid and they can be harmed and damaged easily.

8. It is a great way to boost your energy.

All that we have covered until now as benefits from brisk walking leads to one conclusion brisk walking can overall give the energy boost that you may be after.
Especially if you give the exercise a try with your favorite music playing in your ears the results can be magical.



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